If you have a junker you’d like to sell, but you have some questions that need answering before you prefer a buyer, the answers to the questions below can help.

  1. What’s the standard price range for a junk car?

Because many features come into play – such as the vehicle’s age, make and model, present popularity among consumers – it’s difficult to say. However, if you ask a professional car buyer, you’ll probably get a response that the average price is about $150-$350.

  1. Are new junk cars worth as much as older ones?

The answer is often yes. Because new model junk cars are still on the road, there’s a big insist for their repair parts. On the other hand, some older models can have plenty of worth, too. For example, dependability cars are often driven for over 200k miles. The more the vehicles age, the more their owners require replacement parts.

  1. Do junkyards buy used cars in addition to junkers?

Yes. Some junkyards buy junk cars that belong in the junk car lot and not the salvage lot. Surprising to some is that selling a used car to a junkyard often gets a better price than liquidating it to car dealer. A big reason why is that most junkyards don’t have the overhead of car dealers, and can afford to pass the savings to customers.


From ensuring you’re getting the right cost based on industry guides to choosing a buyer that offers free towing, selling a junk car in Davie can be a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be. To sell my junk car in Davie the easy way, contact a professionally operated car buyer that offers free towing and pays in you in cash. All you require to do is prove that you own the vehicle.